Your Journey

Your journey was not meant to be easy. You are here to be challenged. You are here to learn how to overcome these challenges and by being aware of these obstacles and staying strong and focused you will grow and expand and overcome anything in your path. We are constantly in a state of either expansion (or contraction) of oneself and by growing we move through all that is.

Seek and learn to open to your true self. Listen to your hearts. Be you, Be present and be open to all the possibilities of this world. You are Loved. You are Light and Source and even in the darkest of times endeavor to let your true light shine through. Become a beacon of Love and Light for yourself and for others.

Look for yourself in the gardens of your mind. Weed your mind and find your true self hidden there. Trust yourself and know you! Always look within and allow yourself to connect to the real You. Connect to the one that only you truly know, the one only you can be, the one free of the masks you hide behind. Open yourself and stop pretending to be what you are not. Open and be your true self.

Listen to the flow of Source, stay present and in the Now and listen and discern for yourself!

Love and Light to you all!

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