Be Kind: A Channeled Message.

Currently it seems like the world is in turmoil and can be very difficult. There are issues your generation has not encountered before but know that you are not alone and the Love of past generations who have experienced similar events is within you and know that your ancestors support you. If you having a hard time then ask for the strength of your ancestors and listen with an open mind and wisdom and guidance will follow.

Remember to be kind. Remember you are all human and humankind must learn that differences are what makes the world special and different. Acknowledgement and understanding of these differences is what allows humankind to grow and to flourish!

Accept all and remember kindness and acceptance are the keys!

Seek within yourselves during difficult times and focus on keeping yourself open to change because only with change can you grow so accept the changes and grow people!

Listen to the messages and lessons. They are all around you. Connect to you! Be You!

Within you is the key to all so accepting and being open and living within the present allows you and the world to connect on a deeper level of understanding.

I am always here if you ever need to talk.

Love and Light.

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