Be True to Yourself!

Hi all.

Another day; another channeled message.

People of Earth must learn to open to themselves.  You refuse to follow your true self and instead you look to others for ideas and quickly lose focus and neglect your true self in the process.

Open and expand yourself and you will see that what you seek is within you. Learn to listen to you and not to others. Learn to be true to yourself and don’t worry what others think of you. You are here for a purpose and while you may not know what it is yet you do have the answer within you.

Learn to listen to yourself!

Open and Be you. Open and connect to all you are.

Find yourself and be your own selves and forget what society deems important.

Follow your own inner light and path. Be you and trust your inner self and its answers.

You are Loved and are connected to yourself always.

Forge the Fires. Light the way.

Seek yourself.

Love and Light.






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